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I recommend them! They helped me by Whatsapp with a problem that I had with de shipping! And the order arrived on time! Excellent customer service! 🔝👏🏻

Victor Manuel / Facebook

the glasses have arrived and are amazing 🙂

we are delighted

I recommend it 100%

Miguel / Facebook

Service 10/10 and the glasses are perfects!!! I’ll order again with Hanley 😎😎 very 🔝

Grazy Ozores / Facebook

They are very good glasses they hold a lot of cane fresh water salty sun land air all the elements very good quality, a 10 in quality price👌

Guille Jmp / Facebook

Today I received 1 pair of glasses, the qualities are very good, and the management spectacular, I will not hesitate to make more orders. Thank you!!!

Alber Aguilera / Facebook

I love the models!! the delivery is fast and if you have doubts they will solve them delighted!!!
have a personalized treatment!!

M.Ángeles Lopez / Facebook

Highly recommended, it took 3 days to get the order, very nice and comfortable 🙂

Amine Nabil / Facebook

Today, my partner and I, received our glasses!! We loved them!!
Price/Quality, perfect!!
We will buy insurance again!!

Estela Lopez / Facebook

A wonderful experience, I had doubts of which to buy me by the dimension of my face and the lenses, they helped me, I bought two glasses to see which one I had left, in the end, I LOVE both !!!

Laura Fort García / Facebook

I love it, the oil slick is my favorite

Olaya Olayita / Facebook

I love the glasses service and transport great, I recommend the quality and price!!

Claudia Motta / Facebook

quality and price, all very good I recommend it

Toñi Gonzalez Muñoz / Facebook

Wonderful glasses, good quality and arrived on time! Next time I’ll buy more models! I am delighted.

Gisela Arango / Facebook

Wonderful, high quality, and elegant. I got it within the stipulated period and in perfect condition. Very good quality-price relation. 100% Recommended.

Christian Fernandez / Facebook

Very fast shipping. Excellent quality-price relation. Very beautiful. I had bought 3!

Eva Curiel / Facebook

A recommended brand, it took 24 hours to make the delivery, high quality, and good service. I’ll order again!

Eduardo Troncoso / Facebook

The glasses are very pretty, I really enjoyed

Raquel Fernandez / Facebook

I’m satisfied with the purchase. Pretty glasses and good material!

Marc Saumell / Facebook

I got it in 48 hours and the price-quality relation is incredible! I’ll order again.

Santi Lima / Facebook

Very good product, view, frame, price, Glasses TQP! Waiting for the new models

Alex Aldrey / Facebook

Cool glasses!!! The shipping was fast and I was treated very well! I’ll order soon, no doubt

Ángeles Campos / Facebook

They are very pretty in photos but you can’t imagine personally. I’m super happy with them and was delivered in the delivery time.

Ismael Nieto / Facebook

I am delighted, beautiful glasses, super recommended

Karine Mondar / Facebook

I am delighted with the product.

Yanina Chaves / Facebook

Thank you very much!! The glasses are wonderful

Tatiana Navarro / Facebook

good glasses and good people

Miguel Sevillano / Facebook

good glasses and good people

Miguel Sevillano / Facebook